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Filing Emails

How do you file your emails?

Do you create a complex directory structure that has a multitude of directories?

I have tried them all, and find that simply having one directory for each calendar year suffices. This makes filing easy, and due to the great search functions, easy to find emails.

To assist with finding emails, I do a couple of things.
• Make sure keywords are used in the subject and/or body of each email.
• Make use of Mailtags, a plugin for Apple Mail
• Link emails to projects created in Omnifocus (Mailtags)

IMAP Email

I recently changed my hosting company. One of the reasons was to be able to use IMAP email protocol. Previously I was using POP3. IMAP protocol stores the emails on the IMAP server and can be accessed by a client computer. Emails can also be accessed using a browser. I synch my email accounts between my iMac and iPhone using MobileMe. I also use SpamSieve in conjuction with to reduce Spam.

The advantages of using IMAP include:-
When you read an email on one device, it updates the status on all devices, so no more reading and deleting emails on multiple devices.
When an email is moved to the Spam folder on the iMac, it disappears from the iPhone, so less junk mail to process on the phone.
Basically whatever you do on one device, is repeated on all synched devices.

I am very happy I made the change to IMAP.
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