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Filing Emails

How do you file your emails?

Do you create a complex directory structure that has a multitude of directories?

I have tried them all, and find that simply having one directory for each calendar year suffices. This makes filing easy, and due to the great search functions, easy to find emails.

To assist with finding emails, I do a couple of things.
• Make sure keywords are used in the subject and/or body of each email.
• Make use of Mailtags, a plugin for Apple Mail
• Link emails to projects created in Omnifocus (Mailtags)


I was watching a video of Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation, and I thought the ideas he put forward, and the way he describes motivation of people in the workplace, very good.

Dan believes in most cases, motivation needs to be intrinsic, not extrinsic. His 3 basic elements of motivation are Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.

Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) and his "Hierarchy of human needs", states that a person is motivated depending on which of their needs are currently met. Once a need is met, it no longer becomes a motivator.

Maslow's hierarchy of human needs are:

Physiological Needs Safety Needs Needs of love, affection and belonging Needs for esteem Needs for self actualisation Dan Pink's 3 elements fit into the top of Abraham Maslow's triangle and describe a simple way of expressing the prime motivators for people in the workplace.

Dan's 3 elements are:

Purpose Mastery Autonomy My experience has been that there are still far too many managers that base their management techniques on "folklore", rather than science and understanding human behavior.


Communication is very important. The basis of communicating is to send, and have understood, a message that you want to convey. An important point here is being understood.

I am surprised by the number of people who believe that because others did not understand their message correctly, it is the recipients problem. My belief is that if I want a message to be received and understood correctly by someone else, it is up to me to choose the most appropriate method to ensure my message is received and understood in the way it was intended.

There is little point in communicating if the message you are trying to convey is not understood correctly. This means that to send the same message to different people, you may have to use different techniques, use different language styles, or use a different medium. Some people take in information more effectively by hearing (auditory), and some by seeing (visually).

This also applies to websites. You need to know and understand the intended audience, and make sure you design and present the information in the most appropriate way. For example, you would present very differently to retirees than you would to teenagers. There is no "one size fits all".


There are many ways to improve cashflow. One is getting the invoices out as quickly and accurately as possible.

Especially in these tough economic times, cashflow is king!

While many businesses concentrate on reducing their outstanding debtors, I see a lot that don't pay attention to getting their invoices out quickly. Remember the quicker you send out your invoice, the quicker you will get paid.
I also see a lot of delays because the invoice does not have enough details, and the customer needs to chase up information in order to pay the invoice. Every time a customer needs to query an invoice, it delays getting paid.

Make it as easy as possible for the customer to pay your invoice. Send out the invoice as quickly as possible and with as much relevant details as possible.
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