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As I use GTD (Getting Things Done - David Allen) philosophies more and more, I found that Things was not providing all I needed. Things is an excellent application, simple and easy to use, but I needed something more.

To provide the extra, I now use Omnifocus. Once again it is available both on my iMac and my iPhone, and is synched using MobileMe, instead of synching when I am at home using WiFi.

Tasks can be added via email, or entered directly from my iMac or iPhone. As my task lists and projects become larger, and more of them, I find the structure in Omnifocus easier to navigate.


One of my things in life is managing productivity.

A big part of this is time management. To assist with this I have become a big list maker, both at home and at work. Up until recently, I have kept my to do lists manually, writing a new list at the start of each week. When I bought my iPhone, I discovered a new software app (application) called Things. I have it both on my iPhone and my iMac.

It saves having to rewrite ongoing tasks each week. Things is simple to use and it is synched between my iPhone and desktop using my local WiFi network, so I have an up-to-date list where ever I am.
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